Highland Games Events



Ruth Schudel Memorial Shortbread Contest: View the Shortbread Contest Rules and download the Shortbread Contest Entry Form to find out how to win Prize Money!

Haggis Tasting: The Scottish dish, haggis, has received a bad rap over the years; except for some aficionados who love the stuff. What do they know that you don’t? Come and join in our haggis tasting. Discover the history of haggis and how it is made nowadays.

Scottish Style Tug of War: Join the tug of war following the Opening Ceremonies. Take sides with the Scots or if you must, pull for the Irish. It’s loads of fun for young and old. After the adults are done demonstrating their physical prowess, the kids get their chance to pull on the big rope.

Also back this year are:

  1. Vendors of all things Scottish

  2. Clan tents & clans parade

  3. Our competitions including Pipe Band, Individual Piping & Drumming, Highland Dance, and Heavy Athletics including the caber toss

  4. Scottish country dance and some wonderful live Celtic entertainment

  5. “Hielan’ coos” exhibit

  6. Beer tent refreshments

  7. Harpists entertainment

  8. Blacksmith exhibit

  9. Children’s games including Shoot the English Knight competition

  10. British Car exhibit

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